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Hi we  just made our second game,  you can try it on windows and also you can play it on play store  too

Name :  sacred spell tower fortress,

Genre : strategy / action.


So here you will play two characters at the same time, each hero will have different skills, each character must be defending a wave of a group of invaders, if your character leader is dead or no more towers left you lose, and if the enemies have already desteroyed you win the game, so a tactic and strategy should be a key to play this game


~play game offline / online

~there are 18 items, a common until legendary to upgrade your heroes's stat, you can buy them at shop.

~There are 33 skills and 16 buffs / debuffs are owned by heroes, towers and enemies.

~There are over 50 different enemies who will attack your towers with their own abilities 

~Each hero has an inventory you can store all of your items there

~Each enemy has its own difficulty from A to S, where an S level is the most hardest.

~Each Enemy has a unique stat and skill.

~Each Enemy will attack a tower in a party, each a party has leader or boss.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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